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Puppies Available Now

I do have two litters of puppies. The first litter was born on September 14, 2014 and will be ready

to go anytime after Sunday October 26th. There are red puppies, and black and tan puppies in both litters.

Available red male (Video of Males)  Available red male


Sold female to Polly in Pennsylvania          Available red female (Video)  


Sold female to Carl in Texas                         Sold male to Brazel family in Missouri


Sold male to Roy in N. Hampshire             Sold male to Kelly in Florida


Sold male to Kaylene in Tennessee


The second litter was born on 9-23-14. They will be ready to go anytime after Tuesday November 4th.

The three available males can bee seen here. (Video)    

Available male                         Available male


Available male                       Sold female Hope in Tennessee


Sold female to Bill in Tennessee           Sold male to Dean in Tennessee                        


Sold male to Toni in Maine 


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Please do not make any type of payment until you have read the "How to Buy" page on this website.

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